Sunday, May 9, 2010

Memory Lane....

Yesterday we packed up the big black van and headed 3 hours towards the midlands straight to Shaw Air Force Base , Sc. Hubby and I lived there our first 3 years of marriage, from 1996-1999. When he finished his 4 years, we packed up the truck and the 2 kids we had while stationed there and headed straight back to Ny. We had our fill of military life and were ready to blend in as civilians. Little did we know the impact that those 3 years would have on our marriage and our hearts.
Our solid foundation was set within those base walls and the south crawled in our hearts.
Going back was bittersweet. Walking the streets felt like we never left, yet so much has changed and all new faces were abound.
We sadly discovered our old base housing and neighborhood had been knocked down. All that remained were a street that resembled ours and small driveway entrances. It didn't take long for us to find where our home once stood. We knew the area well. It was where we left our hearts.
We walked our land and reminisced about the years. We oohhed and ahhed at how big the trees had gotten and "walked" thru our front door. We drove past the empty plots of land where our friends homes once stood and walked the weed covered sidewalks where I walked Emma in her stroller as a baby... almost 13 years ago.
We also took the girls by the hospitals where they were born and the base lake where Hubby and I would go for late night strolls and fish together. How funny it was to go back and see other young couples doing the exact same thing.
Before long it was time to head back to the upstate. We were ready!!! Even though that place holds a special place in our hearts, we have given our heart to a new home. A place we know we belong and a place that God wants us to be.

Last night after all the kids were in bed and I was all comfy in mine, the tears began to roll down my cheeks. I couldn't explain to hubby why. I didn't want to go back, I didn't want to move. I am happy here, but seeing my life knocked down and grassed over hurt me so. I stared at those pictures for a long time and could envision life as it was. My neighbors, my friends, our mailman waving hello.... all gone. Nothing but overgrown weeds and small concrete blocks where our driveway entrance once stood.
Today I am better. So happy to spend Mothers Day in my little red house. My flowers are blooming and my home oozes love. I don't plan on moving ever! The thought of more of my history being destroyed kills me.
ONE thing is for certain though, life brings change and the only thing constant in this world is just that!


  1. I have awarded a blog award at my blog. Happy Mother's day!!

  2. Ahh so sad!What a feeling that must of been.To walk through your past and have all the houses gone.Wow,glad you enjoy your new home so much!Loved this blog!

  3. I've always hated returning to a house I used to live. It's always sad....But to have it be just gone! Ugh.



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