Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seasons Of Change...

Remember this purse?? You can read all about the day I got it HERE. I was so excited to pull it out of my closet and stuff it full. Im not sure about you all but I carry everything AND the kitchen sink in my purse. Bigger is better in my book and this purse fits the bill. Spring/Summer is certainly here and the winds of change are all about. White purses and summer dresses are coming out of the woodwork. Our pool is open and tan lines are beginning to appear on our shoulders.
I was asked to speak at church about saving money. Im nervous. I have a big mouth and have so much to say to so many women but I loathe public speaking. I get nervous and I stutter and don't say everything that really is on my heart.
Last night as I was driving Emma to her drama practice, I began praying and thinking about the big night. I started to reflect back to my own season of change and when God started to reveal to me the true meaning of life. Not big houses, cars and vacations... but what He saw as a fulfilling life. The core of the family, getting back to basics and just to love one another. I began really looking back a couple of centuries at the early settlers and their views on life. Even though life was much harder, it was also much simpler. What we see as modern conveniences (cell phones, internet,ipods...) are some of the very first things to steal our peace and our joy. The things we LOVE the most ( especially me) are the things that cause the most stress and takes us away from quiet time with the Lord.
What a hard balance our generation has... and those to come.
Im not sure this post makes sense, its just my thoughts about my upcoming night. But I do know that if we always strive to put God first. Our priorities will ALWAYS be in order!


  1. Blessings to you on your speaking.

  2. I'm am looking forward to 'your big night' and I'm confident that you are going to do wonderful. Don't think of it as public speaking because you'll be surrounded by all your sisters in Christ!

  3. Makes perfect sense!Good luck on your speaking engagement!

  4. I always find your posts so encouraging! I'm sure the Lord will give you the perfect words! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Happy thoughts to you for your big event. I just know you will do well, as Jen said, you will be surrounded by those that love you.

  6. You will do awesome speaking to your church. Just speak from your heart. Speak your heart. Just be you. I recently spoke to a group of women at a women's conference. It was my first time, and I was nervous. I wanted it to be perfect and helpful to them women attending. But, it was so amazing!! When I stood before those women, God gave me the words to say. Remember...God doesn't call the equipped, he equips those he calls. You will do fantastic!! Be blessed!!! amyk

  7. 很不賴的分享!! 多謝啦!!◑0◐........................................

  8. You are the best and I know you will do a great job!!!!
    Sounds like fun- wish I could attend- since I live so far- you will have to give me yet another private session.

  9. You will do well speaking. Even I've gotten butterflies sharing in front of the church even though I've shared before. I wish you well and will keep you in my prayers.

    You made perfect sense. We don't need it all. Why do I need internet on my cell phone when I already pay for it at home and don't get that important of messages I need to read during the day! ") Save money, honey! $10x12=$120 that I can save for a new camera! :0)



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