Monday, May 24, 2010

A Weekend Visit....

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. In the south, the weather held out for us and the heat rolled in. We were so blessed to have a visit from our friends up north, friends we were very close to and friends we have not seen in 3 whole years!

Its weird how time works though... As she stepped out of her car, its as if I just waved goodbye to her on my old driveway. The only way to see the past 3 years were thru our kids. How much they've grown, how much they have changed and new babies born.

The visit was a breath of fresh air after a rough week of sad news in our family. News I will share with you another time.... don't worry, my family, my husband and my home are just fine... it is in the extended but affects you none the less. I have not been able to get my thoughts together for a blog, but when I do... it will be powerful! I can feel it.

Anyway, The trip was short. Just 2 days but we crammed as much as we could into every single hour. Our kids instantly bonded and re-bonded. They played, we ate and laughed. Once the fireflies came out to play, we lit the bonfire and gave the kids sparklers to play with (yes they are legal so don't go there.)

We showed them the falls and our cute little city that we adore.

Once we waved our dear friends off and tucked our super tired, cranky sleep deprived kids in each of their beds, hubby and I snuck off in our backyard and sat in my beloved green chairs and watched the fire burn.

We talked about the day and how nice it was to see our friends. We sat in silence and listened to the crackling of the fire and for a few coveted minutes, we soaked in life.

I went to bed thanking God for all He has given me. I prayed over the circumstances that are beyond our control and the pain some people are going thru. I prayed for a hedge of protection against the people I loved the most. And I thanked God for being there, because without Him... life would be impossible....


  1. Love the firepit. Do you burn wood or charcoal in it? I have seen both. BTW you look beautiful in yellow! Glad you enjoyed your weekend with old friends.

  2. I've been enjoying blog-stalking you today :) Sounds like you had a great weekend! Hope all is well!

  3. Looks like a very relaxing and fulfilling weekend! You have a wonderful perspective, and I hope everything is okay with you!



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