Monday, July 28, 2008


4 months till turkey day, smooth mashed potatoes and my world famous stuffed mushrooms... but who's counting? I AM. There is only one thing I love more than a table full of good food and that is a room full of people to share it with. I might just have my wish this year! My hubbys side of the family might be caravan-ing down to our "little red school house" for some of the best down home comfort food you can get. Tickets have been bought and days off of work have been put in. I can't wait. Im still waiting for a final head count and that is just fine! We still have a while and I always make too much food anyway. Im preparing the menu and keep adding yummy goodness every day! I will start our family Thanksgiving tree promptly on October 30th of this year. This time I might do a whole forest scene on my one Living room wall which is still empty. I know a lot more people now and would love to have their hands on my wall. The kids are excited and ideas are flying thru my head. Im so excited. I will keep you updated as the holiday approaches and I will be sure to post the menu and pictures as they come. Until then enjoy the summer!!!
**** The pictures are of our Thanksgiving Tree last year. This year we are doing bigger and better. The kids are so excited****

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  1. aww that is sooo cool I wish I could get some OOT family to come visit us for a holiday :)



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