Monday, July 21, 2008


The South can be described in 3 words... BIG HAIR BOWS!!!! Thats the only thing that comes to mind. Little girls in hair bows so big that they can't hold their head straight. They walk around with their heads tilted because the weight of their matching bow is overwhelming. Ok, maybe im exaggerating just a bit but its pretty close to the truth. Just take a stroll down town. Maybe its a status thing? The cuter your kid the bigger the bow? Or could they be compensating for something else?? I have no clue what the southern customs are down here. I sometimes swear its a world of their own. A bit of ol world charm. Scarlett O'Hara DOES exist and Tara is down the block. Whatever is in the water down here, its entered my bloodstream and is swimmin around. I now have a fascination for hairbows! I even put them in my little girls hair. Molly too!!! The same bows I used to make fun of and roll my eyes at are now weighing my own babies head down. You can see in the picture!! Even my poor Miss Muffet can't keep her head up straight. I have one in almost every color and plan on buying more today!! To make matters even worse, my friend Heather is going to teach me to make them. Sheesh! what has happened to me? Whatever has gone wrong im not minding. Im actually excited to style Molly's hair today. She will be wearing a cute Polk-a-dot blouse with a matching purple bow. Beam me up scottie they've got me. Just remember this, if I start blogging about corn fritters and chit-lins please pay me a visit and slap me silly.... 


  1. hahaha I love it you know I have to comment on this I too was one of the ones who questioned this style little girls with big bows,but after I have had some made up I want MORE lol!!! I just had a cute one made for Lilah that has an L embroidered on the side how funny is that? I also found this same lady matches her bows to all the gymboree lines out there, sheesh I really need to work more hours in a week :P

  2. That's awesome that you are going to learn how to make them yourself. I'm so glad. I think they are so cute - but I hate how expensive they get for a tiny piece of ribbon. If you make them yourself you can have tons and tons!!!



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