Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Monday

Its been a few days since my last blog, so I figured I would just fill you in on the happenings on our home. The weekend went pretty well despite a few glitches in our path. Our A/C unit in our van just broke completely! We have an estimate to get it fixed which almost made me pass out BUT it must be done! I have to drive to N.C on monday to pick up friends. I would fry like bacon without it. So, sometime this week our big black beauty will be brought in to get fixed yet again. Once its all set and done and the money is ripped out of my clenched fists I will be happy to be driving around as cool as a cucumber!!
 Sunday we officially became members of our current church. We were members of our old one and had to get the paperwork switched. This past Sunday we stood in front of the assembly during service and were formally welcomed! It was so bittersweet. I felt like I was finally in a church but I shed some tears for my faithful family back home. I LOVED my home church and miss everyone dearly! Now this one is my church and soon I will love them as much as my others.
 Today was a great day! We had lunch guests over for some great conversation and eats. She attends my church and has 5 kids herself....AND is expecting her 6th on Thanksgiving Day! How beautiful. I had 10 children in my home but you would never have known!! They were all so well behaved. They cleaned their spots and politely answered any questions. I never had to tell them to use their inside voice, stop running, take your shoes off... NOTHING!! They were the most wonderful,smart and well behaved children I have ever met.... besides my own.( I have to brag a bit and say my children are extremely well behaved and mannered... they know better=))) Did I mention they were also homeschooled?  The older kids ran out to see the clubhouse our girls made on the hill. They then began making bricks from the clay just like the Hebrews. The babies played beautifully together and we ate delicious treats and shared our lives. It was a purely delightful day!
 Well I must go and decorate my home for my Miss Molly's 4th birthday tomorrow!!! I hope the rest of the week goes just as smooth for you... Until next time

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  1. I just have to tell you that I LOVE reading your blog! You write really well and you're very funny.

    Kristie A (from UCM)



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