Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Miss Marvelous Molly Jaye and her Birthday Day!!

Miss Molly had an absolute Marvalicious birthday!! She turned the ripe old age of 4 years old!!! We can't believe she has been in our life that long... but at the same time cannot imagine our home without her. Miss Molly almost never was, after our first two babies we swore we were DONE!!! We had our girls and life was grand. When Hannah was 5 we met some friends at the park. She had just had a baby girl named Brooke who was so small and tiny. I held her right next to the swings and jungle gym. My heart melted. I handed her to Jason who usually has no interest in other peoples babies. He too could not resist the urge to hold her. His heart melted as well. On the way home that day we looked at each other and said the magic words... "We have to have another baby..." 3 days later we were at my OB removing my birth control and the next week I was pregnant!!! The sad part of the story was that we ended up loosing that baby and almost gave up. I was too scared to try again...but 3 weeks later the good news came. I was pregnant AGAIN!!! I was so scared and happy and nervous. We kept her name a secret from family...(due to LOTS of unsolicited "advice") We chose her name based on a song called "Molly's Smile." Little did I know then how much of those words would reflect her life.
She was a daddy's girl. I blogged about it one day on Myspace. Since those words flowed so beautifully, I will copy what I wrote:


Molly’s Smile....
Current mood: blessed

Thats the name of our new song on our profile page. It was the song we heard back in early 2004. It was the song that finally convinced Jason to agree to the name Molly for our unborn baby girl. Little did he know then how many of these words would be a reflection of his relationship with his one and only Molly. This song is found at the end of the movie Uptown Girls. A cute movie. Nothing to brag about but was entertainment for the moment. It was this song that makes the movie so special to us.
We were so excited to welcome baby girl 3. We kept her name a secret and revealed it the day she was born. Molly Jaye Wyler. Jaye of coarse was to carry Jasons name on because we were convinced we would never have a son. The moment their eyes connected ,the relationship began. A relationship I could never capture in words. Jason loves all his babies...but there is something about Molly. Molly chose Jason from the start. She chose him to wrap her heart around. I saw it. I was right there in the hospital when the two became one. They share that special bond still. Its stronger now. She will be celebrating her 4th birthday this summer....4 going on 14. They fight, Jason gets hurt, Molly knows just what to say to make it all better. Molly knows exactly what to do to make Jasons blood boil with anger. She takes his heart, dances on it and then ever so gingerly places it back. Then they are best friends again. Its funny to watch.
Im not sure what Jason will do when she grows up. He can't handle when I talk about her dating or getting married. His hand goes up and by the look on his face...I know its time to change the subject. But that day will come. It will be a bittersweet day, a sad day, a happy day. A day Im not sure Im looking forward to. After all I will be the one picking of the pieces but I don't think I will ever be able to put them together the way Molly could.
So please listen to our new song. It could have been written just for them...


  1. So cute!!! Happy Birthday Miss Molly!!! We need to get our 4 year olds together!!!

  2. AWWW hAPPY BIRTHDAY Molly sorry I am late, looks like you guys had fun and is that barbie a little cake?its too cute!!! talk to ya soon!



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