Monday, July 21, 2008

Papa's New Hair

This past Saturday we took the ENTIRE family to go get Noah's hair cut. I don't know who was more excited, his parents or his 4 sisters...aka... other mommies!!! He was a trooper. We oohhed and ahhhed and he cried. He was easily enticed by lollipops and daddy sat nearby grinning. Oh how handsome my little man is!! I could have bitten his little cheeks off. Snip-its is an awesome place for little ones. They have colors, games,movies and personal computer games for kids to play with while they get their hair cut. The picture of the salon came back darker than I wished. This place rocked!!! They also offer Locks of Love service, so the older girls and I are going to grow our hair and donate to help others in need. Enjoy the pics !!!


  1. oh my gosh he looks so cute and grown up ok I know you didn't want to hear that lol, how did you like the place you took him to? we have never been there :)

  2. That place looks so cute! Fun! That's awesome that the girls want to donate their hair to locks of love! How sweet! A lot of the younger girls at out church have been so excited to donate. I think it's a great service!!!

  3. Oh...and Ala cut his hair!! She did Brady's first haircut. She was at Jelly Beans then.

    I like Snipits...I had a "God Wink" experience there.

    How awesome to stand there in that place holding hands while they pray with me. It was an experience. I'll be glad to share the story if you are interested.



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