Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Falls Park...In The Rain

This past Saturday we thought it would be nice to take everyone downtown to Falls Park for some playtime in the fountains. Unfortunately as soon as we got far enough away from our van, it began to rain. We took cover under the Main St. bridge until the storm passed. The kids had fun playing on the rocks and making friends with others that were also stuck. Jason and I chatted with Megan for a while. After about 15 minutes we braved the rain and ran for the van. So much for our day... but we did get an awesome family picture on Liberty Bridge!!!


  1. Ha, ha - On your way to play in the fountains but took cover from the rain!!!! That made me laugh.

    OK - so, This may be crazy to some people but, Amy - I have to let you know! When I looked at that family picture of you guys with the little stream behind you - My very first though was that someone was missing!!! And, yes as Neil pointed out - I did see Molly kind of hidden behind the stroller. Dun, dun, dun. ~ What does that mean for the Wyler family? Ok - I also have to say that I have looked at my own family picture (of seven kids) and though someone was missing too - ha, ha - so, maybe it means nothing!

  2. great pics at the park I love that park lol! Can't wait for fall to come it will look awesome down there :)



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