Saturday, July 19, 2008

Secret Confessions..... Shhhhh

Ok, I have to be truthful and honest. I can't hide anymore. Im a DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH JUNKIE!!! Not the new ones, but those old ones filmed back in the 80's. Do you remember? Come on, if you think real hard you can hear Joey and Caitlin fighting in the halls! Remember Shane and Spike? Lucy? And those twin girls in desperate need of a personal hairdresser? How about the provocative Steph? I can buy the whole 3 year box set on Amazon for a mear $80. Hours upon hours of unadulterated tween drama slowly killing my brain cells one by one. But what fun I would have!!! Now as I watch some clips on Youtube I wonder how the heck I was ever allowed to watch such horrid stuff. They dealt with some heavy heavy issues. Teen pregnancy, sex,interracial relationships,gays and lesbians,Aids,shoplifting,alcohol,drugs. You name it and these kids encountered it. I would NEVER allow my kids to watch it.... and if my mom had a clue as to what was on the Tv she would have burned it. I was a newly defined latch key kid back in the 80's. Not a full time one like my Jason. A part timer. Just long enough to watch smut and get educated on the evils of the world. Oh how I wanted to dress like some of those girls. The scarves and bangle bracelets, the bad 80's hair...sigh. those were the days. Where would I even get neon butterfly clips? Well please excuse me. I just made a fresh pot of coffee and I plan on indulging my inner tween soul in some more DJH drama... To all the kids on Degrassi Street... Thanks for the memories!
P.s. Stay tuned I have many more blogs to come if I ever stop watching youtube

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