Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We did it! We survived!!! Yesterday was quite a day AND a long one at that. We drove up to Charlotte, NC to pick up some friends from the airport. Its about a good 1 1/2 hours of pure highway driving!!! 70 mile an hour highway driving. I break the trip up by stopping at the outlets which is about halfway there. Its literally right off the highway. So I happily sped along to the Gap Outlet. I forgot to take pictures as I was in a GAP zone but I did remember to take after shots courtesy of my Emma!! We had fun. Jason ended up staying home from work that day because my car needed to get a last minute fix, so after he came home we left the babies with him and us women hit the road. We had fun! We joked, acted silly, Molly slept. We sang along to Ferris Bueller songs and sang loud when Cyndi Laupers "Girls just wanna have fun" came on the radio. Unfortunately because I spent a bit too long at the Gap we were late to welcome our guests. BAD BAD hostess I was. I sped up to the valet, threw my keys at him and ran down to greet them. I felt SO bad. I always like to greet my Out of town guests with a huge smile and hug welcoming them to our home and I didn't do that. FOR SHAME!!!!
 We headed back in the van and had a smooth ride for the first 25 minutes or so. We were just entering SC territory when the weather changed quick!!! I checked the forecast before we left and it was clear sunny skies!! Well not anymore! The skies turned dark and the lightning started. i knew this was not going to be good based on the season so far. The winds started and the rains came down. We were driving straight into something and it wasn't good. We drove like that on and off for about an hour. Luckily we moved faster than the clouds and made it to VBS before the next downpour. It was thundering and lightning all night, the winds were insane.
 Well this morning the damage was calculated. The "storm" ripped the roof off of Greenville Tech school and downed trees were everywhere. They have warnings out for tonight already. Its 100 degrees today and tonight more storms are coming. Something wicked this way cometh!

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  1. ok I just had to comment on how roomy your van is lol!!! I bet you love it, got air???



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