Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Week So Far...

Hello my friends!! This week is flying by! We have been busy doing a whole lotta nothing!! The mornings and afternoons are spent by the pool. We had fun with all the kids in the big pool jumping and splashing around. Then we have to go home and start dinner. The girls have VBS every evening from 6:30-9 p.m. So we go to the mall and stroll. I was very proud to be with Emily the very first time she EVER purchased something from the Gap. GAPGIRL was PROUD!! I was their to witness the remarkable moment. Maygen and Emily found some great sales (and shoes) and I of coarse kept the GAP in business by purchasing a really cute shirt. Tonight is the last night of VBS so we will attend church service together and watch the slide show that the kids put together. I have some steak defrosting and as soon and J comes home its getting slapped on the grill .Yum Yum. I can't wait. Tomorrow we are off to downtown to show Em and let all the kids play in the fountains. Friday night I have a babysitter booked and off we go downtown for some adult time... just the 4 of us. I smell some coffee and gelato headed my way. Well the babies are getting up and we will be off to some stores. Catch you later....


  1. It wasn't Greenville Tech was North Greenville College!

  2. Does it really matter? The roof still blew off

  3. Ha, ha! I love the phantom commenter! ;) That cracks me up!

  4. that is funny ;) hmm coffee and gelato sounds like a fun night what time are ya going? does that ice cream place have a website? I would love to see what flavors they have



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