Friday, July 11, 2008

Large Family Statistics...

Today was payday! Yaaa, that means one thing. FOOD SHOPPING!! My house is bare and my shopping list is long. It takes me a good 2 solid days to compile my list, sort thru my pantry and brainstorm. Since we do have 7 members of our family all eating the same things, our "normal" staples are far from the average Joe. Believe it or not I do get asked about my food bill and surprisingly enough I LOVE talking about it. Go figure. If we add any more members to our family it will increase slightly but you'll get the picture. Before I start let me clear a few things up. YES, I shop with all 5 kids, I use 2 sometimes 3 carts, I shop bi-weekly, I DON"T menu plan, I shop for all food for 2 weeks in ONE day and I'm usually home by noon, It takes me all day to sort, organize and put away and NO 99% of the time Hubby does not come with me. So those of you who complain about taking one, two or three of your kids shopping... Go cry somewhere else =) (I get stopped all the time by women who shake their heads and say they could never do it...if you had no choice you WOULD)
---2- 3 qt pitchers of Iced tea
--4 dozen eggs
--8 loaves of bread
--7 lbs. Chicken
--5 lbs Ground Turkey
--6 Lbs. Ground Beef
--10 gallons of %1 milk
--4 1/2 gallons of lactaid for Noah
--1 Lb sliced american cheese
--1 case (60 ct) eggo waffles
--3 lbs bananas
--3 lbs Grapes
--3 64 oz containers apple juice
--2 1/2 gallons ice cream
--2 boxes of Capri sun (10 ct in each)
--8 boxes mac and cheese
--1 container baby wipes
--4 packs of luvs diapers
--2 boxes flavored oatmeal
--3 lbs roma tomatoes
--4 lbs. butter
--1 lb bacon
--4 packs strawberry jello
--10 lb bag potatoes
--24 oz sour cream
This is just a sample. I buy a lot of other things such as creamed soups,rice,beans,cereal,soda,snacks,seasonings,produce,soap,napkins,shampoo,who needs socks,undies,tissues,medicine... you get the picture! Lets not forget cleaning supplies and paper goods! I shop at my favorite Wal-mart and Sams and I save oodles of money. I never go over $300 either. Surprised? It can be done. Im quite savvy and creative with my cooking! You might think this is crazy but by the end of the week my pantries are bare. My stock is low and im running back to the store. We eat almost every meal at home and enjoy family time around our extra large table. I try to include my older girls in the cooking when Im not rushed and have the patience. Domesticity is sadly a dying art. Even though all our money goes to food, we would not have it any other way. Food is a form of hospitality, something the Bible talks a lot about. It brings people together, creates laughter and binds like glue. If your ever in town stop by my table. Its an experience you'll never forget. Think back to some of your favorite comfort moments. I guarantee they happened around a table


  1. Dang Gina! I'm so curious to know what you guys eat for dinner - I think you should keep a journal of it for a week or so and then let us know!

    I'm also curious - do you guys have more than one fridge? Where do you put 10 gallons of milk?!

    You should also take your camera to the grocery store with you next time and take lots of cute pictures and blog about the experience. I think it's cool that you take all the kids to the store with you. I bet they love it. Ha, ha - and I think it's so funny that you get so much attention from strangers about how many kids you have. You should have moved to UT - five kids are getting a little rarer, but it's still fairly normal - no big thang' to see the entire family at the store together here! :)

    Neil and I aways go grocery shopping together, but we don't stock up like you guys. we are less than a half mile from where we shop, so we seriously go to the grocery store four or five times a week, because we just buy what we are going to make for dinner that night, or maybe the next night too. I'm sure that will end with more kids.

    Neil and I eat at home pretty consistently now - and we are always looking for new ideas! Neil's a way better cook than I am - but I'm working on my culinary skills and trying to cook from scratch more frequently. I have recently made lasagna and last week I cooked tomato, basil pizza on wheat dough on the grill. It was so awesome! (My sis gave me that recipe!) Neil says I'm a pretty good cook when I put my mind to it, but I'm messy! I'm working on cleaning as I go. One day I hope to be a pro in the kitchen - and cook yummy home cooked meals for all our babies! :)

  2. PS - I love the picture of your kitchen too! It's so cute!!! But, your table looks a little lonely in this picture! ;)

  3. wow I need to come shopping with you sometime, can you pass me some new dinner ideas my way I hate cooking dinner lol!



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