Monday, January 10, 2011

Beep Beep Beep

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to inform you that we are officially snowed in!! After almost 6 inches + falling in the South, we then proceed to get HOURS of freezing rain falling and causing all of the white stuff to harden to one HUGE layer of ice.

The WHOLE state is shut down. Schools, offices, businesses, doctors and even grocery stores are closed and remain closed tomorrow as well.

Hubby even enjoyed a "snow day" from work.

Temperatures will remain below freezing all night as well as tomorrow. Plow trucks will remain on interstates only as they do not have enough to plow major roads. Back roads and subdivisions are even more treacherous. Until the snow melts from the sun... it shall remain.

Cabin fever has hit our home to say the least. I got some projects done around the house. I will post those pictures for you tomorrow.

My cousin walked over and we spent the day just hanging out and doing nothing. We are all hoping another "snow day" happens although im not sure im creative enough to keep the kids and us adults busy for that long.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another "SNOWED IN" update. and for up to the minute details of what we are doing in our Little Red House during this storm of the century, check my twitter account. I got Twitpics tonight and am having F-U-N!! Check them out.

Until tomorrow stay warm



  1. Wow! We never ever have snow here. If it rains here, we all get so excited we gather around the window to see it. haha.

  2. Enjoy, Enjoy. I love snow days.

  3. Wow! We thought we were going to get that much but got very little. Did you get my email?
    blessings, becca



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