Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Im SOOOO excited. I have so many fun things going on right now that I just can't share!!!

I want to tell you so bad but big Daddy says NO!

He sometimes worries about our life being so..out there...

Ya know?

But Im praying that THE CHATTY MOMMY will join in on the fun...


(she doesn't have a blog cause she ain't cool like that =p)

My friend Michelle already said YES! Cause she is cool like that...

And good 'ol Sissy-Cindy Lu who from who-ville might also jump on the bandwagon...

Are you just dying of curiosity??

Are you??

Im going to ask MAMA OF 9 if she wants to join in the fun as well (watch your email)

Along with JESSE from Sparkle City, sc

Oh how I can't wait.

Its going to be so much fun.

Book your flights now girls...

You know who you are...

And Chatty mommy....

my offer still stands...


you get a phone that texts!!!




  1. Aaurghhh! I AM dying of curiosity! Can you give a hint??????

  2. AGHH! You can't leave us in suspense like this! Hint?

  3. haha you are too much- thx for the dis! I will start a blog one day- maybe! lol
    and just so you know- I am totally cool!!!

    my oldest says Im the coolest mom out of everyone in her class so PPLLHHH!!! haha xoxo Gapgirl!

  4. Benzowife- You ARE cool.... I just had to say SOMETHING to try and convince you to join my scheme!!! Muah!

  5. Have my brother's wedding- can't do a thing.
    Sorry - would love to see you.
    As for benzowife- so wish my daughter thought I was the coolest in the class.
    A girl can dream, right?

  6. aww- thx GapGirl- I just love you and thechattymommy- I am blessed to have u guys as friends! xoxo



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