Saturday, January 8, 2011

Its A Wing Thing...

***Don't forget about my ASK GAPGIRL post coming next week. Read about it and comment HERE***


Are currently in the oven and before long will look like these :

My cousin is over, we are catching up on Live To Dance. Don't tell me who wins!!
I also took a little trip to Hobby Lobby today and bought this AWESOME roll of Leopard gift wrapping paper. Believe it or not, Im going to use it to line the inside of my powder room bathroom armoire. Sound crazy?? Yeah, my hubby thought the same thing but thankfully, he just shrugged his shoulders and said.. "ok..." and we drove off. He is awesome.
Hobby Lobby has the coolest wrapping paper around and its nice and thick. great quality. For about $3 you get 50 sq. ft of whatever print you want. Its perfect for doing everything (besides wrapping presents) with. I will show you before/after pics as soon as its done. Im hoping to start tonight. Hubz and couz should be playing Black ops in about 1 hour so I will be free to work on some projects. Im also beading some wrought iron sconces. Im not sure where Im going to hang them though??

I also bought more paint for the foyer and upstairs 2 bedrooms. They WILL be done SOON! Then on to the powder room...

And here is another picture of my Sweet Penelope. She is getting SOOO big. Isn't she the cutest? She had a rough 2 days. You can always tell by her crazy hair. The crazier it is, the rougher the day... Looks like today was a doozie! We had lots of shopping and errands to do and she doesn't handle interruptions in her schedule very well. But she is sooo cute. I could never get upset.

They are forecasting ALOT of snow here tomorrow night. Yikes!!!!! They keep bringing up the big storm of '88 which dropped a FOOT of snow and crippled the State for weeks. Im really praying they are just reminiscing... and not predicting. I will keep you posted.


  1. Penelope is just SO GORGEOUS!

    I can't wait to meet our little girl!

    COME ON MAY! ;)

  2. She is beautiful!
    Ha,ha on the snow.
    Why don't you lie in bed instead of lining your armoire- I guess that is just me.
    Come and check out my awesome giveaway: make sure you do!

  3. I've not gone anywhere to buy any craft stuff lately. I need to use all the yarn I bought last year!
    Penelope is adorable!
    Some cold weather coming our way and our grandbaby due any day now. Hope snow doesn't appear then hospital travel. Not a good thing but ask for your prayers. Hugs!

  4. Mmmmm! Wings!

    I wish we had a Hobby Lobby in my parts. I don't think we do.

    And Penelope is too darling!

  5. Your wings look delicious and your baby is so precious!



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