Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Tonight

So tonight was church but you already knew that right?? It was day 2 of my brandy-new Beth Moore bible study. I love Beth.. I really do. To me, she is a dear "friend" who for once a week, fills my head with all kinds of bible knowledge. I know women who don't like her. I mean, she tends to have a personality that makes coffee nervous but thats so my speed.

We left our house early and left 2 kids behind with daddy but of course, we ended up late. Time is my enemy and I often have moments when I think I won't be truly happy until I destroy all sense of time. Does anyone else feel that way?? Please say its not only me... please...

Dinner was left on the table just as we left it and the poor girl at CVS might not have gotten the biggest smile at the checkout when I realized my favorite color of lipstick was not sale. I had already rung up over $50 worth of make-up... (my almost once a year stock up so don't judge) whats $5 more???

I NEVER get cash back when using my debit card. Its just not practical in my eyes but I needed some cash to pay for my girls upcoming trip to Fine Arts but of course the limit of CVS's cash advance was $5 less than what I needed... THUS resulting in yet another stop...

Which leads me running thru the church parking lot and breathlessly falling thru the doors of my ladies bible study. They all smile and Say my name... a warm welcome.

My brain immediately goes haywire...

"How bad do I look?"

"Do I look like I skidded into the church on 2 wheels and basically kicked my kids out of the moving van?"

"How frizzed is my hair..."

" Do they realize what it took for me to get here?????? DO THEY???"

Sitting down in the back row (since all the good seats were already taken) I knew what kind of night it would be.

There goes this weeks lesson. I know the signs... pure unadulterated ADHD about to go full force. Im to hyped up to settle down to listen.

My cell phone goes off. Most people know I have church wednesday nights and refrain from texting me. It turns out its hubby... I miss him...

As Beth Moore begins her dramatic beginning I remember I didn't lock the van. I always lock the van. Now Im going to have to inspect it before I let the kids in because im paranoid like that. (Im from NY remember?? and I was raised by a cop... a recipe for paranoia)
I remember why I didn't lock it... We were bringing home an extra kid for a sleepover. They will be dropping off her stuff sometime during youth.

I did listen some and took as many notes as I could. Perhaps sometime during the week, I can review my notes and try and remember what tonight was about.

The lady next to me kept getting texts... and the lady in front of me played with her iphone a bit...

Then I had to pee. I fought it for about 5 minutes but for all of you that have had many kids know... you either go to the bathroom or... go to the bathroom... the only choice you have is where! Get my drift? So I get up and go.

I could hear the music vibrating off the walls which means youth is out... im wondering where my kids are?

Before long my usual herding children began. With only 4 in tow this week, it was a breeze.

Off to Target we went for some basic essentials like milk, cute dresses for the girlies and leggings.. you know... necessities.

So 11 pm and here I sit. Exhausted. But happy I conquered another wednesday night. I lived to tell the tale.

Im not really sure what this post is about actually? I think the bases is... I need sleep.

Did I mention I forgot to grab my cup of coffee to guzzle in the van on my way to church? Yeah... that was fun.

So, tonight was church.

What was your night like?


  1. I am always late too no matter how hard I try.

    When hubby & I were first married we lived three miles up a steep mountain. It was 3 miles down and then another couple into town. I learned to do all my errands at once and am still that way.

  2. Oh I can so relate to running late, being harried and rushed, and then not being able to settle my mind once I reach my arrival.

  3. Breathe.

    I LOVE Beth Moore too. I've thought about doing a few of her studies with my girls.

    Hope you've recovered from a crazy night (at church:).


  4. I am always late too and I only have 3 so far. I love Beth Moore too, I have only done the Daniel study though. Hope you got some sleep after all that!

  5. Love it! Hope baby is doing well. Mine is already going to be six weeks old.:( It goes way to fast. Would love you to stop by my new blog. Was having issues with my old one.



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