Friday, January 7, 2011


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Ok, Its Friday which means 2 things.... 1 more day till our Saturday night wing night and the WEEKEND!!! Today also was payday so out we were bright and early re-stocking the pantry of all necessary essentials. You know, Diet Coke, and all that. (my new personal favorite) we really should buy stock in Tyson wings because that's all we eat. 2 bags with a side of sour cream and ranch cooked extra long for a great crunchy flavor! Last weekend our Saturday night also got extended to Sunday night. My cousin brought over pizza hut and Wingstreet wings.... OH MY GOODNESS, just the best.
The above picture is exactly what my house looks like...

A complete food mess. Grocery day is a huge production and I often need a break from sorting and organizing before I finish. My friday nights are lame on shopping day. I wear my jammies and retreat to my DVR. Tonight my girls will stay up with us to finish watching Live To Dance and Winter Wipeout. Im pretty excited about it myself.

Over in Facebook land, the big talk is the snow headed to our area AGAIN! Im starting to think I don't live in the south anymore. More Snow?? Seriously???

3-5 inches.... this could be disastrous. Im glad I stocked up today and the van has a full tank. Too bad we don't own a shovel.

People are shocked that I shop with 6 kids. I just don't get it? I will admit, some days are crazy but today went very well. Quite awesome in fact and I treated them all to Jack in the box tacos as a treat for good behavior. We also visited Bath and Body Works and left with a shopping bag full of goodies... the sales were just too good to miss. Gotta stock up while you can. =)

Now they are doing school work . We have been working hard on not falling behind and we have succeeded... so far.

But I must go now, all those groceries need a home. Looks like Roast chicken with stuffing and mashed potatoes for dinner. YUMMY!


  1. Can't wait for "Ask GapGirl"! :) We actually DVR'd Winter Wipeout too, lol. My 6-year-old saw the commercial in December and has been counting down the weeks! She's sooo excited! :) Oh, and one more thing... Send some of that snow this way!!!! ;) Have a super weekend!

  2. Oh, and one MORE thing... You are just too crazy-cute! Seriously. Your glasses are insanely cute! Done now... :)

  3. 80% my friend said! 80% chance of snow! wow, this will be some winter!



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