Friday, January 28, 2011

Circle Of Life

I have been waiting to do a post about a very special gift given to me by a very dear friend of mine THE CHATTY MOMMY. So, I figured I would write this and include it in her 2nd FRIDAY FOLLOW.

All of my bloggy friends know that The Chatty Mommy is near and dear to my heart. We have known each other for 7-ish years but it seems much longer. I remember being pregnant with Molly and she asking me if I was having a baby shower. I actually had been thrown a HUGE bash of all bashes by my mother -in -law, so I explained to her I had everything I needed. I knew that if I told her I needed baby items, she would have thrown a shower for me... Why is this so unusual??? Because at that point, we had just met.

But thats the kind of person she is. Unselfish. I didn't like her at first. Honest! I was drawn to her for some odd reason but then before long our mouths would open and we would be in a battle of wits. Our usual brunches together almost always ended up with one of us calling the other and apologizing.

But over the years I realized what a true blue friend she is. I don't have many friend. Im very social at times and will talk to just about anyone I see but my inner circle is very small. Im very guarded and most people just don't get me (at least in the south! Ha!) But TCM and I talk all the time. As if we still lived a few blocks away and as if I just saw her in nursery last wednesday night.

While I was on my Babymoon with Penelope a small package came in the mail. I opened it and inside held the most dainty little silk bag. Once I opened it up and pulled out its contents, I held back the tears... I didn't even need to read the note, I just knew who it was from.

I immediately wanted to call her and yell at her for spending ANY money on me.... But could not stop looking at this most precious gift she had given me....

A necklace that held all the names of my beloveds... in a perfect circle.
Before I knew them, I loved them.
And with that love, there is no end...

I wear it all the time and hardly take it off. Whenever my hand grazes it or my sweet baby holds the chain in her fist, I am reminded of the most precious friend I left behind....

Im not sure she knows how much this necklace means to me... or how much she means to me. But I think about it every day when I look in the mirror.... or graze my hand across my neck.

So thank you Chatty Mommy, for calling me all the time because I have no long distance, for talking me off the ledge about a zillion times, for reminding me that I need to pray more, for showing me a great example of a christian wife, for not forgetting about me since I am 800 miles away....

And for moving down here right next to me cause I know we can't be apart anymore... (ok I added that part in but its my blog right??)


  1. That is really sweet. What a treasure of a friendship!

  2. what a wonderful friendship to have.An absolutely beautiful necklace.:)

  3. Love it!! Such a sweet, special friend... :)

  4. I cried when I read this today.
    I am almost at a loss for words, but...
    I was always drawn to you too, but thought you were rich and uppity. lol
    Then that fateful night when we met up in the applebee's bathroom with the kids and just started talking and we had so much in common- I always just clicked with you.
    Your friendship as been such an amazing blessing to me.

    You are the one who talked me off the ledge with kid #3.
    You are the one who told me about the Pearl woman.
    And you are the one who constantly shows me that I am not crazy and someone thinks the same way as me. You are an amazing friend and I would love to move down south, but their take-out places take too long and now you guys are even getting snow!
    But maybe one day....

  5. Hi!
    I was wondering if you got my message about the blog makeover. Can you please confirm whether or not you want it as I can give it to someone else if you do not.

    You stopped by Toddler Awesome a week and a bit ago and wrote on one of my posts (I was offering free blog makeovers) and your blog is one that was selected.

    Please email me at



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