Monday, January 31, 2011

Flower Power! And A Wintery Mix...

Like my new hat?? I do. My friend Latonia made it for me. Isn't it amazing??? I would love to say I made it myself but Im not that talented yet. I stress yet.

For those that know me, I have been addicted to flower clips/headbands in my hair. I have a drawer full of them. All sizes and colors. And in Tru GapGirl style... they are BIG!!! So, you can see why I sleep with this hat on every night. Ha! Speaking of BIG, I bought an awesome huge pearl necklace and matching bracelet at Old Navy 90% off. Im assuming they had it left because only I would wear something that loud and proud. (Did I forget to mention the pearls have black lace weaved in and out of them. They are so cool. I would show you a picture of them but Im right in the middle of organizing all of my jewelry. I will do a whole post on it as soon as it is done. (the organizing tip that I got was brilliant!)

My Beth Moore Bible study has hit an all time hi Y'all. Just when I think she cannot out due herself, I am proven... W-R-O-N-G! I can't begin to tell you how awesome the bible is. I don't even think I have the right words to describe how BIG our God is and how HE orchestrated it ALL for our GOOD! How Genesis intertwines with Revelation. How, with it being such a HUGE book, it NEVER ONCE contradicts itself but proves itself over and over again. Scripture PROVES scripture. How true is that!!

We were challenged at the beginning of the study to pray that God shows us small Revelations each week and my how He delivers. Thru life and thru other bloggers like YOU!!! (do you think I am using capitals enough?? I just can't find any other way to express to you my excitement!)

He is also slowly teaching me to DROP THE BALL and stop dragging my chains around and give them to Him. Of course, I find it almost impossible to do and Im sure I have our sweet Lord banging His Holy head up against the wall at my stupidity. Im trying to. Honest but y'all know how stubborn and clueless I am. But He is patient and I know He will help me.

My heart goes out to the many people getting bombarded with snow day after day. My heart is also burdened for all those people struggling financially. I remember our days in expensive NY wondering how we would afford to buy oil. The prices were thru the roof but thats nothing compared to this year. Families are paying over $500+ a month just to heat their homes... not to mention high electric bills and snow disasters.

I thank God every day we moved. We are not rich by any means but choosing food over oil is a distant memory... I so wish it was a distant memory to all my dear loved ones struggling with that same dilemma now.

Not to mention all the other disasters all over the world... Egypt, Florida, Australia ... the list goes on. The kids and I were studying Rome today and just started the chapter on Christianity in Rome and how the rulers saw Christians as threats. They told me they are so happy Christian persecution doesn't happen now and also wondered if it could happen again. I quickly told them that living in America... we are often sheltered and too caught up in our selfish world to realize the truths that are out there... while we sit here complaining that our DVR didn't tape our show... Christians ARE in fact being persecuted and tortured for Jesus's name!!! We had a nice talk and then began researching all the ways the 12 disciples died...

Our lessons sometimes take us ALL OVER but I am able to teach my children the truths they would never know otherwise.

So tonight as we snuggle in our warm beds and kiss our babies... send up a prayer to all those thousands of others who would just die to walk in our shoes...

P.s. I started making my Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes already.... do you see???


  1. What an awesome post! I struggle with worry and anxiety...but God proves again and again that He is in control and it will all work out...I need to really just listen and STOP worrying because I know he has done it time and again in my life.

    We talk about moving out of this area (NJ) to North or South Carolina...when I see what we could sell our house here for and afford down there...someday, maybe...We moved a few hours away when we first got married and then my mom got cancer and my grandpa got cancer and I told my husband I wanted to move back here.

  2. Oh Theresa.... DO IT!! My friend just moved down here from NY 6 months ago and regrets not doing it sooner and now we ALL are trying to get everyone else to move. We know how expensive it is up there and there IS a better life somewhere else!!! But of course, if your family needs you close then perhaps its not a good time... but if it is. then I advise you to RUN and not look back. LOL


  3. LOL. Thanks :) I'd love to meet you if we ever do move down there.

    Right now, my parents have a house on a lake in upstate NY and are gone 6 months out of the year, my grandma is 92 and lives a few miles from me and I adore the woman to pieces, I could never leave her. Also, my husband is working on the WTC Memorial. We say every day how that day was the most horrible day ever and we wish it never happened...but being part of the healing is such a blessing.

  4. YES Theresa,we must meet. I would love that.
    Your Gma sounds like a wonderful woman.I would stay too if I were you. 9/11 was very hard on us as well. We were living up there then.We lost family from that tragedy. NY was never the same to me since. I felt violated and hesitated to ever go back into the city after.I think its so awesome that your husband is working on the memorial. How awesome and wonderful to be a part of something so big and special. So many people have not healed from that horrid day.

  5. Great post and GREAT hat!! You look adorable as always... ;)

  6. BTW... You are pretty hot with your "hope it's in the south" comment about where we are moving. We might be "neighbors" soon! :)

  7. Kate... NO STINKIN WAY!!! WHERE???? You know, you can always send me a private email to discuss locations... Hee hee. If your close, we are sooo meeting!

  8. Yessss..... We are SO blessed!!!!!

  9. OMGosh....i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hat!!

    ...and i loved your post, too. :)

  10. Love the hat! Love the new name! Love the post! :)

  11. Love that hat! i too am a FANNNNNNNNNNNN of the hair clips and headbands!! :D



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