Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Christmas may technically be over at my house, but in my head... Im already planning next year. I can't help it. I was so caught up in the sparkly glitter this year, I could not get enough of it. My living room tree is mainly gold glitter everything! I loved it, but in my eyes it was missing something and I could not put my finger on it till I was putting it away...
BIGGER BULBS was the answer! So next year I will have to recycle all of my old bulbs and get those really big glittery oversized ones. Luckily I bought a 12 pack on clearance at wal-mart last week for $1.25 to get me started. =)

Yesterday I went to 2 different Wal-marts to check out their Christmas clearance and I hit the jackpot. See:

All of the above were purchased for about $5 dollars. Most was $.25 each. Isn't that insane?? I wish I would have bought more. Im kicking myself for not buying the fake red and gold glitter poinsettias in a pot for $1.25. I really need 4 of them. REALLY!

Anyway, all of these decorations will be put on my 2nd tree I will have in my foyer. Right when you walk in. I don't want a huge tree there or a perfect one. I plan on covering it from head to toe in ornaments.So hopefully I will be able to get an artificial tree for next to nothing... one someone is throwing out or something.

Its going to be my funky tree. Full of that great green,ice blue and pink glitter ornaments. Hubby calls it Tacky. I call it GAUDY. You all know how much I love gaudy!! =)

I will also have big pink bulbs on it, little pink feathery birds, perhaps some marabou in various places. It will be draped in ribbon. You can't really tell by the picture but the ribbon I bought is pink sheer, with pearl edges... so pretty.

I can't wait. Can I put it up tonight?? At least I have 12 months to make some really awesome ornaments for it. You know something beaded will end up on it im sure.

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  1. I have a tiny artificial tree that we have used the last couple of years that will be my second one next year. I want a real one next year, one that I can overload with tons of ornaments...all mis matched to perfection! (Normally, I have a "theme"...theme by color)




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