Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Hump-day-Ness...

Is hump day an offensive term? I don't think so. I see it as at the top of the work week and after today, its smooth sailing until the weekend.

Isn't Miss P. is cute? This was taken right before church last week. Now that she is getting bigger I can have fun dressing her. usually the first month or two of my babies life, I keep them in onsies and jammies for comfort but now she is getting bigger and cute dresses will be making appearances. In just a few weeks she will ONLY be wearing cute dresses as all my little girls have worn... and big bows of course.=)

Anyway, day 3 of homeschooling in 2011 has been a success. Getting back into a routine STINKS quite honestly. I enjoyed the freedom of flexibility but the show must go on.4 months of school left till summer vacation and our pool opens but who's counting??

I decided to open the floor for questions from my blog readers. ANY questions welcomed...

Well, let me put in my disclosure:

*** Hmm (thats me clearing my throat.) Please ask NICE questions. Poison pen letters not welcome. If you feel the need to ask me how I can love all my kids, educate them properly without a degree myself or ask how I feel about the carbon footprint I leave with my big brood then please be prepared for my answer. And also if you wish to pick apart my life under a microscope, then please... PLEASE don't sob into your hankie if I do the same to you... right on my blog for everyone to see.... with links of course. =)

I say this only because some very sweet blogger friends of mine (with many children) have gotten really nasty comments before. Just plain, cruel, hurtful and horrific things. I can't imagine the mean people who would do that but apparently they are out there.

Anyway, All of my usual blog readers are SOOO sweet and supportive and kind, so I know I have nothing to worry about from them. Just gotta write what I gotta write. =)

Anyway, I will leave questions open for 1 week. Then Next Wednesday I will post them and answer them. (if I even get them at all. Hee hee)

Feel free to leave a question on this post or you can email me.

Im excited. Can't wait to hear from you all!


  1. Good thing for your disclosure. I've had some crazy questions...if they were even questions at all. More like rude comments with a question mark at the end. (((LOL))). My little ones live in nightgowns for the first months of their lives too. Much more comfortable and easy to change.

  2. She's adorable! I'm still having a touch time getting back into the swing of things with school. Hopefully it will come.


  3. Since I'm a relatively new reader to you, I'd love to hear about how you started your homeschooling journey with your children :)

  4. Love the job you are doing with your children--loving and homeschooling which I did as well! I only had two but miss them now that they are grown and one out of the nest and one still home but working! It's a job that gets it's perks by doing what you love. Love the fact you keep hobbies going like knitting and other crafts. I need to get back into that.,,,well I'm knitting. Need to scrapbook more! Hugs and God's blessings. Love your sweet baby and her siblings!

  5. I guess I actually have multiple questions. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes with my 4 boys, so my hat goes off to you with 6 and homeschooling too! So, here are my questions that I'm hoping might give me some ideas of how to better organize my day.

    Do you have a cleaning schedule?

    Do you use chore charts with your children? How do you get them involved in maintaining your home?

    How do you stay so fashionable/ take care of yourself/ find time to shop for yourself? (I've let myself go in the worst way.)

    What kind of role does your husband play in caring for the children/ maintaining your home, etc?

    How did you start blogging?

    Sorry. That's a ton of questions. Feel free to pick and choose the ones you include in your Q&A.
    Have a great day!

  6. Were you and/or your hubby raised in a Christian home?

    Do you two schedule date nights as in, make it a goal to have one per month, etc or do you take them as they come?

    As a mom of a girl who is rapidly approaching the pre-teen years, I am curious as to when you had the "body talk" with your oldest girls. And what kind of advice you have to moms who have pre-teen/teen girls to keep an open line of communication and closeness with their mom, despite all the "teenage-ness" that comes along with being a teen. ; )

  7. So I am new reader. Love your red house and the baby is so cute! My question is: What do you do with all the toys and other things that come in with the number of people in your family? With Christmas just behind us I am drowning in toys and clothes that my 3 young girls have. But nobody wants to give anything up. I really want more children but we are drowning in a sea of clutter over here.

  8. I just had 3 rd baby so i need help fitting all that stuff in. I was wondering how many bedrooms you have and how you do it? We have 3 rooms but the 2 kid rooms are tiny and no bonous rooms they have to sleep and play in the same room, now baby has to squeeze in there . Does all there stuff take over?

  9. Hi!

    I love your blog :) read it almost everyday.

    I'd like to ask you about your Spanish heritage, where does your family come from? :)

    Also, I am having trouble with my four year old being jealous with her 2 year old brother. Do yours fight or have jealousy towards the others?

    Also, give us some tips to improve our relationships with our daughters :)


  10. I started following you after your coupon segment on the news. Are you still couponing? I'm a coupon mom wannabe...not working out so well though. How do you shop with all your little ones? You amaze me with all you do. I can never seem to get anything done and my kids are almost grown. Love your gives me inspiration.

  11. Who is your favorite, southern, cousin-in-law?? ;0)

    Seriously, how in the world can I stay consistent with chores with the kids? I have a very hard time getting them motivated to do anything, and then when I start the chore chart, it falls apart in less than a week! Ugh.

    Thanks cuz!! Miss ya! (still no snow all the way in the southern-most part of Alabama!)

  12. Do you miss Military Life (hubby is seriously considering getting out...not sure how I feel about it)? do you look/stay so do you find time for your hair, nails, clothes shopping?

    Do you have a home decorating budget? I know you heart Hobby Lobby like me...

    Fave 'Getting Started Knitting' book?

    I have more, but I'll fun!




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