Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes...

Oh my word, nothing tears my nerves up more than other people touching my precious blog. My sweet hubby doesn't even mess with it. Its not that Im controlling because clearly im not but my blog is so personal and I think that He is a bit afraid of deleting the whole thing. If that should happen then I think I would become controlling... just a bit.

Anywho, tonight as you all know is our traditional Saturday night WING night. A night that my couz comes over for hot wings and good chatter. Tonight the hot topic is GUNS! One was recently purchased by one of them and they are as giddy as two school girls. But prior to that, a few adjustments were made to my blog...

Oh but thats not all. Be prepared... Be
very prepared. BIG changes are coming soon. Im not sure how soon though and I can't reveal too much because its a surprise... But its been talked about and will be in the works. Just be patient my dear friends. I do have 6 kids and homeschool...

My awesome Couz is co-owner of
SILVERTREND DESIGNS and is 1 of the best Graphic Designers I know. He also has done a complete website for my Father in Laws business. I would link you to that too but I have no clue where it is HA!

But we have
BIG plans.


Want a hint??

Ok, you twisted my arm.... I'll spill...

Something was said about a signature... a really cute button and a name change. Yes, you heard right... A name change... And I think he also mentioned something about a different URL.. not to mention a new header and picture and... well basically my blog now is just temporary. Its going to be a huge launch.... HUGE!

O.k , I don't think so. I KNOW! But I can't tell you much more than that. I do promise that you will NOT lose me along the way. Many measures will be taken to make sure you still all can find me no matter what cause I love you all and would just be heartbroken if we were parted.

But like I said, its going to take some time. You might even see small changes along the way. You even see some changes now! Good 'ol couz came to the rescue and fixed some minor problems I had over a Diet Coke and wings...

He also gives good advice on professionalism in the cyber world
and branding. Just sayin.

Go check him out and throw him some love...

Xoxo GapGirl


  1. Sounds very exciting!Can not wait to see the changes.Hope you are doing well with number six.I know I am really enjoying number six!Love to read your blg.Would love you to stop by and follow.:)

  2. exciting! I can't wait to see!

  3. oh boy, a whole new re-design and a new url!! so exciting! Can't wait to see it!



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