Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Projects, Snow and Ice...

*** Don't forget about my ASK GAPGIRL post coming tomorrow. Its not too late to ask me a question HERE ***

Well, we are still snowed in today. Its still as icy as could be outside. Schools are all closed, Banks are closed, most major businesses are closed and hubby is home from work.... again. The thrill of snow has worn off, besides all the snow is now covered in a huge layer of ice
. But my kids found some way to amuse themselves... see:

A lovely piece of art created by these two culprits...

Our lovely state ran out of salt so we are officially declared a state of emergency. Keep in mind they only salt the interstates so how much salt did they have to begin with? Sheesh...

Anyway, I have been up to some projects while I am housebound. One of them being my shelf in my powder room. My Aunt gave me one she wasn't using and it needed a bit of my touch!

So voila!!! Remember the leopard wrapping paper I bought??? It is now lining the inside of my shelves in my powder room and looks GREAT! ... and adds a bit of wild-ness to my home. I heart leopard!

Thats not all. I have more but that will have to wait for another day. I am sooo happy I received so many responses to Ask GapGirl. I will be busy tonight watching Live To Dance and tap tap tapping away!!!

Stay warm!


OH MY WORD.. Did I mention Im doing another Bible study?? It starts next week. REVELATIONS By Beth Moore. I can hardly sleep Im SOOOO excited!


  1. We are snowed in, too (metro Atlanta here!). I am cooking and actually reading a book, but everyone is getting restless now! I am your newest follower!


  2. I love the leopard print in the powder room. It brings life to the shelf. I hope you're able to get out and about soon.



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