Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

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Another blogging buddy posted a Thankful Thursday as I was about to write another post, but I decided to "borrow" her idea. This sounded SOOO much better. Its always nice to focus on what we have to be Thankful for instead of complaining about what we don't have or what we need.
(even though sometimes I still need lessons on that)
Here goes:
1) I am sooo thankful for my family, even though sometimes I think im going to go crazy running around, I really am so thankful God has blessed me with each and every one of them.

2) I am equally Thankful for my friends (you know who you are!) Who remind me that everything will be ok, prayer is most important no matter what and perhaps sometimes... just sometimes things that I think are mountains are just little molehills.

3) Im so Thankful for my faith. How the heck would I get thru this life without it? Or without HIM?! I don't know how people do it. I sure don't want to. I am so Thankful that Jesus is there to help me thru anything... and Im thankful that when I put prayer first, my days go so much easier.

4) Im Thankful for my hubby! He is the BEST! After almost 15 years together, I still love him. He is patient with me and is a great provider (after all, he did build me my Little Red House and will let me have a pink and green glittery Christmas tree) I don't know any other hubby who would do that? Now THATS true love.

5) Speaking of houses. Im soooo thankful for mine. Im thankful for a nice strong roof, high ceilings, warm beds, my beautiful kitchen, my beautiful foyer and all our bedrooms. I did not like my house in NY (for good reason.) I lived in it for 8 long years. (thats how long it took for God to help me change. Im just slightly thickheaded)

6) Im so Thankful for my sweet baby. She is such an answer to prayer. After countless tears and heartaches, God blessed me with another amazing gift. The moment I held her my heart overflowed with joy and true healing began. I don't think I put her down for the first month of her life. I didn't think I could love so passionately again, but of course love multiplies. It never divides. Smelling her and holding her close, calms my soul.

7) And Im Thankful for all of my blogger friends. I truly am. You all have encouraged me, helped me, given me ideas and helped me more than you all will ever know. I don't always get to read your blogs and hardly get to comment but when I do hop on your site, I read every word! Thank you for sharing your life so openly.

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