Tuesday, January 25, 2011


OOHH what a crazy 4 days it has been...

It has been 4 days since I blogged last right??

I can't remember... Anyway. My bananas party was a hit! It was a hot pink zebra hit. Lots of girl drama of course and some good pizza and wings to end the night. I retreated to my room at a decent hour and let them stay up as late as they wanted... with some small restrictions....

-Upstairs by midnight

-Don't make a mess/any fires in the kitchen

-If you wake your siblings, you take care of them and they join the party

-If you wake me, well then it just won't be pretty.

- Don't even think about leaving the house... not even to step a little pinky toe outside. Daddys motto is shoot and ask questions later so if he thinks your late night antics is an intruder then don't come crying to me...

With the basic understandings in place, the evening was fine. The girls that came to spend the night live right across the street (next to each other) and are very good, respectful girls.

Banana also received some birthday cash which has already been dropped at Target... several times.

Im still painting my foyer and upstairs bedrooms. (YAWN) I know!!! I can sure drag something out can I? But with all I have to do, I am only able to do bits and pieces at a time. Im fine with that. Thank God my understanding hubby has been fine with that too. After 15 years I think he is finally getting used to the fact that somewhere, someplace in my home is always getting painted or reworked. PHEW... That was a long 15 years. Ha!

He did insist that we hire someone to pain our master bathroom and our powder room... with an offer like that, how can I resist??? I already have the colors picked out and my new shower curtain is waiting at Target for me to bring her home. I might have to order my zebra print bathroom rug online. Shhh, hubby is not totally sold on that right now. Im trying to convince him that yes!!! Zebra print is manly and masculine. You know, jungle man, Tarzan and all that. Do you think he will buy it??

My Miss P. has been growing. I spent a good part of the afternoon sorting thru all of her clothes and putting away all her 0-3. =(.. I can't believe she is already big enough to go to the next step.

Today I heard her chattering away in her crib after her nap. She had quite the conversation with her green blanket. I just stood back and listened. I didn't want to interrupt. She also realized she has FEET!!! She grabs them every time she remembers that they are there. Its so funny. Even though I have been thru this 5 times before... everything with her feels so new.

I know how fast they grow and im trying to soak in every second. But it just seems I can't. Because it never seems enough. I just love her so much.

Speaking of Miss P. She beckons... can you hear her??? Im quite sure you can ;)


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