Tuesday, January 18, 2011


At exactly this moment I have a child jumping off the couch onto my decorative couch pillows

At exactly this moment a little princess is singing a sweet song to me... she refuses to wear her pants but for those who visit often, know this is normal.

At exactly this moment the house smells like brownies. They should be ready...

At exactly this moment we heard a strange beeping noise from the kitchen. After 3+ years of living here, we finally heard the microwave timer. (I didn't even know we had one)

At exactly this moment my 2 oldest girls are getting addicted to the Xbox.

At exactly this moment hubby is helping them improve their score.

At exactly this moment, my little boy is rolling around on the floor.

At exactly this moment, I am sitting on the living room floor blogging.

and this is exactly what happens every time I try to blog...


  1. Too funny! This is shockingly similar to my existence right now. Enjoy the chaos!

  2. Sounds like "Home sweet Home."



  4. I LOVE this!!!! Adorable picture too!!!

    Your family always sounds so fun!!!

  5. this post just exudes SO MUCH warmth!! :D your family's awesome~

  6. Well first of all I want to say congratulations on having that wonderful huge family! Kids are awesome.

    This is why I blog at night when most everyone is asleep. Right now I'm sitting on the couch with my 22-year old son and we are sort of watching Jimmy Kimmel (I'm multi-tasking).

    Anyway, I came over from the Hip Homeschool Hop. Hope you have a great week!

  7. I loved that little window into exactly what was going on in your house at that moment. And, that picture is great!

  8. I'd love to come to your 31 party if I'm free that night! My email is thethreejays@gmail.com or find me on FB at Jessie Staska Walker :)



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