Friday, January 21, 2011

The Birthday Girl

Ok, So I don't usually link up and follow but I just love THE CHATTY MOMMY so much I just had to ;)

Today is my Hannah's 12th birthday!!! I can't believe how big she is. What a wonderful lovely young lady she is becoming.

Her favorite color is pink

She loves to cook

She is a natural nurturer

She adores her siblings

She too loves her little red house

She has a sense of style like her Momma =) (actually better)

She beat up a boy once. =)

She is an expert sharp shooter... with the bb gun. But Im sure once we upgrade her to a real one she will excel

She is one tough cookie underneath that sweet smile...

She makes me proud every single day of my life

Now pray for me!!! Im having tweens/Teens sleep over tonight with lots of pizza and wings....




  1. Happy Birthday to Hannah!!!

    I'm sure you will have a fun night!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! You have such a cute blog! New follower, visiting from The Chatty Mommy

  3. Tell Hannah she is beautiful and happy birthday!
    Thanks for doing my friday follow thing!

  4. Happy Birthday to Hannah!

    And enjoy your beautiful daughter's sleep over....of course, there may not be a lot of sleep for you, lol...



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