Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years And My Resolutions...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I am so excited to begin another year. 2010 was a great year for us. We didn't win millions or get the perfect job or get housekeepers and nannies... but we ended the year as a family, full of love and health. THAT is defined as great to me!

I promised pictures of our fun night. I was sooo excited last Friday night. I could not wait to walk down to my Aunts house. Let me first tell you how wonderful it is to finally have family so close by. These family members lived in PA and I lived on LI so we would only see them on holidays... FUN, crazy holidays at my Nana's. They have 3 boys. We all were stairstep cousins. All about 1-2 years apart. My Mom and Aunt coordinated our births just right. Ha!

Anyway, They are my brothers from another mother. 1 lives around the corner, one lives in Bama with his family (Hi Dawn!) and one lives back up in Pa still. I love them all and their families. (I love all my cousins obsessively=p)

Anyway, off we trekked down the street with kids and decorations in hand, blowing horns and being obnoxious. We hung out there till about 11p.m. The kids were done and wanted to go home...

This is Sweet Penelope and I at midnight. She was my New Years Kiss. She stayed awake to see her very first ball drop. I love her!

We really had so much fun and ate soooo much food. My Aunt knows how to put out a spread. All the foods I love were present and her and I plopped ourselves down at the barstools in between the eggplant anti-pasta and the shrimp cocktail and chatted like two crazy old women.

I decided this year that My New Years Resolutions would be NO resolutions at all. Im still adjustiing to 6 kids (believe it or not) Its HARD! Im not complaining and I love it all but right now thanks to THE CHATTY MOMMY ( and our late night talk while shopping at Hobby Lobby) I have to learn to just say NO. Stop over committing, Stop being so hard on myself and don't be afraid to ask for help when needed. Of course its still leaving tons on my plate but I know in time it will all sort out. But in the meantime, I throw all those must-do lists out the window. I don't have time. Im lucky I get to shower right now so all those big rules and expectations to uphold for 2011 will have to wait till I have an empty nest.

On that note...

Im outta here



  1. It looks like a wonderful time. I so wish I had family near by. You are so lucky.

  2. I agree WHOLE HEARTEDLY! :) NO RESOLUTIONS! I don't have 6 kids, but I have 1 & 1 on the way in May! Also. My husband and I are so busy with our ministry as well... Why add stress where it isn't needeD?

  3. For someone who doesn't have time to take a shower, you are one pretty momma.
    Happy New Year!

  4. I agree with you about the 6th! I'm just barely adjusting comfortably and he's 1! Haha.

    I am learning to say no also. I have friends that ask me for favors left and right and it stresses me out. Once I even had a friend that asked me if I'd help her clean her whole house and help her move when I was on bedrest at 7 months. Crazy, crazy. ;P

  5. Girls,
    Thanks for the support. SOmetimes I think Im just plain nuts! Jenny... you made me feel normal. This last blessing really threw me for a loop. I just can't get my act together, keep up with the schooling,housework and getting out the door just seems to make me want to cry.
    Beka- Good for you!!! Take it easy and only do what you feel you have to do. Don't base your standards on what other girls are able to do...
    The Chatty Mommy.... I heart you !
    Crystal- Its so nice having family nearby and in the same sub. Makes for a nice "club" especially when the rest of the neighborhood makes "wisteria lane" look holy!!!!



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